What’s your favorite blush?

I’m loving Ulta’s Moisture Blush Quad
from the Muted collection. It’s super pigmented and the color payoff on my skin is just fabulous. It also has a great formula.

A light peach blend with rosy undertones. This color looks great all over, under or on top of the cheeks, blending out, or as an accent color on the apples of the cheeks. Can be built up for a deeper effect. Not a product for the pale pink(out of this world peachy blush) there is a tonal difference on lighter skin tones.

What’s your most versatile handbag?

I love my Rebecca Minkoff Pomp Bag in Tuscan. I am in love with the print. It’s big enough to throw a handful of essentials in and small enough to fit my much smaller phone/car key/makeup bag. I have very large hands. 🙂 This bag also has a little side pocket on the inside that fits great.

How do you stay organized in your makeup bag?

You got this (pun intended). I created a highlighter, blush, and bronzer product checklist for quick reference in the bathroom on Sundays, before work, on the plane, or anywhere!

Do you carry hand sanitizer?

Yes, I do. I bring one with me everywhere, and it’s an official policy of mine to have one on hand in the bathroom when out and about.

Any last beauty confessions or thoughts?

I like to play with different looks to see what works and what doesn’t work, but as a person with an overwhelming beauty routine, the one thing that works 100% of the time is make-up. Since I am going to the same places every day, it really helps me take less time with make-up, which is why I prefer to use ‘natural’ highlighters rather than light boxes for cheek color. You also need to keep your hands clean. Laundry my clothes before wearing them, hand washing my makeup bags, and hand sanitizer on my vanity are the must-dos to make life easier and makeup products last. So yeah, I spend a lot of time talking about stuff on a beauty blog…talk about normal life! (My actual life isn’t all that bad!)

What’s your favorite BB cream?

After one week of trying out Lancome Les Beaux Jours Hydra Vision & Vaseline Extra Firming Daily Face Hydrating BB Cream, I am more than impressed. I’m an oily girl, and most BB creams leave a slight sheen after a day or two of wear. This one absorbs effortlessly (I even forgot that I was wearing it), and the sunscreen version I tried last year had the consistency of tissue paper! This is great when combined with the Ciat Glow Foundation, my go-to high coverage CC+ (original version – I received the new formula I tried out recently.

What was your first concealer?

I am not a big fan of Rimmel’s foundation but the overall packaging is really nice and I remember being really impressed with their BBs.

Do you wear blush and eye shadow on a daily basis?

Ever since ‘Makeup for women who love Makeup’ came out, and I spent hundreds of euros on the James The Gourmand range, I have become obsessed with the intensity and variety of colours they come in.

In the beginning I got away with tinted moisturisers and did not mix palettes. As my favourite products’ colour matching got better I started experimenting with different shades of BB creams.