Best black gel nail polishes of 2021

This week, we’re looking at some great black gel nail polishes. I know black’s not a colour that gets mentioned a lot when it comes to nail art, but when you look at black, you’ll see that it can go from looking dull and grey to looking bright and even pop-ey!

So this week we’ve put together a selection of some of the best black gel nail polishes out there, all with some great names too, so they should make your shopping easier!

OPI Black Swan

OPI Black Swan is an elegant black polish with a shimmery metallic finish that’ll leave your nails looking super classy.

OPI Black Swan has a unique, multi-layered colour so you’ll need to apply it using 3 thin coats. You’ll find this in the Gel Nail range, but also in the glitter range too.

Chewy Mallow

This beautiful black polish is a true favourite in my stash and I wear it all the time, especially when I’m looking for a new colour. Chewy Mallow has a really smooth texture and a lovely colour, that’s great for any occasion.

Nails Inc Blue Ballerina

Nails Inc’s Blue Ballerina is a beautiful black polish with a metallic blue finish. It’s a really vibrant polish and will be right at home in the spring or summer!

Sally Hansen Black Cherry Pie

Black Cherry Pie by Sally Hansen has always been one of my favourites and for good reason. This one is a perfect shade of black and has a gorgeous colour payoff.

The formula is very thick and glossy, which means it’s really easy to use and applies beautifully. I tend to use three thin coats, so it’s perfect for short nails.

Sally Hansen Black Cherry Pie is a real favourite and is a staple in my nail polish collection, especially in the summer!

Ciate Blackout

Ciate Blackout is a lovely black polish that’ll add a touch of drama to your nails. It’s really unique in that it’s not black, it’s very dark purple.

The formula is also thick and glossy, so it’ll be great for those of you with short nails, but I tend to do two thin coats, so it’s good for medium nails too.

Essie Blackout

Essie’s Blackout is a lovely, rich black polish that’ll give you that polished look that we all want.

It’s easy to apply and it has a creamy, non-thick formula that doesn’t dry out. You’ll need to apply two thin coats, which is easy to achieve.

Essie Blackout is a real favourite and is a staple in my nail polish collection.

Urban Decay Blackout

Urban Decay Blackout is another cult favourite of mine and is a true black with a metallic finish. It has a really interesting colour and a unique shimmery finish that’ll look great for spring and summer.

If you like the metallic black colours but are after a little more of a sparkle, Urban Decay Blackout is the way to go!

Bare Escentuals Midnight Black

Bare Escentuals Midnight Black is a deep, rich black gel nail polish. It’s so dark that you’ll be able to wear it on all your fingers and toes!

The gel formula means that it’s easy to apply, has a creamy finish and dries quickly too. Two thin coats should do it!

If you love the look of black, but want something a little more unique, then you should definitely check out Bare Escentuals Midnight Black gel polish!

All these best black gel nail polishes are so gorgeous that I can’t recommend them enough! I’d say that they’re all excellent for spring and summer, but they’re also perfect for any occasion!

What do you think? Which ones are your favourites?

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