Best gel nail polish finishes

If you’re tired of the simple glossy gel nail polish finish and want to spice up your manicure with a special finish and stand out from the crowd then here are the best gel nail polish finishes that the nail industry offers today.

They are all easy to achieve both in a salon environment and at home for a DIY manicurist. If you go to a salon ask your nail technician for a special finish and they will always offer several options for you because they buy their gel nail polishes and other nail products in bulk so they may have several special finish polishes or top coats for you to choose from. Plus a nail technician will always be aware of new technologies, trends, and products in their industry. That’s why they’ll be more than happy to create one of these finishes on your nails.

And if you want to create this kind of finish at home then you can buy professional-level gel nail polishes, top coats, and special powders to make your dream come true. You won’t believe how easy it is to create these special finishes at home once you get the hang of it.

Matte finish

The most classy and elegant of them all is the matte finish for the nails. This is the most trendy gel nail polish finish these days on Instagram and Pinterest.

Matte gel nails are the ones that don’t have any luster or shine. They are loved by everyone because they can instantly elevate your look and match perfectly with both light and dark colors. Matte nails are also great for a wedding. You can add some glitter or rhinestones to them and they will look stunning. Or wear them with no other adornments to the workplace. Most nail technicians should be able to create the matte finish on your nails for you. It’s very easy to achieve by just painting a single layer of a special matte gel top coat over your preferred gel nail polish after it has been cured. So if you buy a matte top coat you can easily do it at home.

You can create a mega-trendy double-finish design on your matte nails. Just place a tape over part of your nail and cover the rest of it with the matte gel top coat, cure it in the lamp and then remove the tape. Cover the rest of your nail with a glossy top coat and cure it and you’ll have an original and super-stylish design on your nails with minimal effort. No need to do any complex nail art or use a special brush.

Pearlescent finish

Pearlescent finish instantly makes your gel nails look amazingly cute and pretty. It also elevates any look and looks elegant and classy without being tacky. This finish is achieved by rubbing a special pearlescent powder over the uncured gel top coat. This powder is usually white with a pearl shimmer so it looks best over light gel nail polishes, and is traditionally being used over white gel nail polish. Although you can certainly make it work with dark nail colors too.

Pearl finish is the absolute best gel nail polish finish for the wedding. Your nails will look like pearls and will match your wedding dress and pearl and diamond jewelry perfectly. The rosy glow will make your hands look stunning in your wedding photos.

Glitter finish

The glitter finish is perfect for a party, date night, or in some cases even a wedding. This finish is super-glamorous. It can be done by using a glitter gel nail polish or by rubbing a glitter powder over an uncured gel top coat. Glitter looks perfect with a glossy top coat but it can also be combined with a matte top coat for an interesting effect.

Color-changing gel nail polish

Color-changing nail polish is the ultimate of nail art trends right now. So many nail blogs and nail shows suggest this finish. This is a personal favorite because it adds some kind of nail art to your gel nails but not to the point that it looks tacky or fake. This is great for special occasions like weddings or bachelorette parties.

A great and trendy way to create a color-changing effect at home is by using nail polishes with special pigments that react to the surrounding temperature.

These pigments will change color based on your body’s temperature.

Chunky glitter and confetti gel nail polish

These polishes have metallic or confetti flakes that look amazing against a shiny finish.

So if you want to get the glamorous effect that everyone craves, any chunky glitter or confetti gel nail polish is the best way to achieve it.

Plus it can be combined with matte gel polish for a lovely velvety effect with contrasting sequins.

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