How to know if you’re using the right concealer

Have you ever wondered if your concealer might not be the one you really need?

It may sound like an obvious fact, but not every concealer is designed for every kind of skin. Depending on what kind of skin you have—dry, oily, combination, acne-prone, sensitive or sensitive—you will need to choose the correct concealer or product for the kind of skin that you have.

Dry skin concealers

Since dry skin tends to be less porous, foundation can usually be used without fear of your concealer rubbing through. While this type of product is good for normal to dry skin, it is also great to cover up any issues you have like blemishes. Choose a product that has a smooth consistency that doesn’t gather much if any product on your skin’s surface, and you can blend in foundation. Any product will work fine for this type of skin, but if it’s very prone to creasing, the oil-based products are great. If you have an oily face, opt for a stick product, as this tends to last longer.

Oily skin concealers

These products are mostly not for dry skin, as foundation tends to not apply to the oily skin well. Typically, this type of product will have a consistency that melts into skin but will not clog pores. Be careful if you’re using this type of product in a warm or warm-humid environment, as it tends to melt a lot faster in warmer conditions.

Every skin type needs a right makeup style: In this article we will discuss the step by step guide to picking out the right concealer to suit your individual needs.

Blemish Concealer

Since blemishes are not covered under the term acne, this type of concealer tends to be used to cover acne scars and skin spots. If you have minor blemishes around your nose, these concealers will work really well. They can be used to also disguise your eye circles as well, making them look less prominent.

Touchable Concealer

Your confidence plays an important role in your makeup. An effective foundation application is the first step towards achieving this confidence, but even after this, if you use the right product to hide your blemishes and other imperfections, you will feel more confident that no one will see what you’re hiding.

The touchable concealers that we’re about to mention work great on their own or as base products to any regular concealer, but one type of concealer that you should avoid using, at least for the most part, is the concealer that has a thin layer of powder on top of it. Since it tends to be designed to look more like a light or powdery coverage foundation, this type of concealer can accentuate some of your imperfections more than you think.

The Perfect Skin Perfecting Concealer is a safe, flexible and washable formula that will cover most of your blemishes without leaving any flaking, drying or irritating residue. With this type of formula, you can use it all over the face and on your eyelids for a flawless finish every time. It’s made in a recyclable PET water bottle to protect the environment.

The ULTRA Glow Concealer is a unique formulation that consists of organic European Shea Butter and very finely milled wheat flour in a make-up gel formula that offers medium to full coverage and ultra-smooth, soft-focus under eye look. It’s ultra creamy, and just because it has a small cap and wide bore hole, there’s no need to shake before applying!

For some people, concealer is the most effective tool. Apply concealer with fingers or makeup brushes to blemishes, areas you’re trying to conceal or conceal under eyes.

1. Buy a foundation

Established foundations are relatively affordable in Australia, but starting from an affordable level is where they often cost as much as the best foundations.

Therefore, in order to keep up with the competition in the market, go straight to the market and buy a foundation from one of the affordable level up to “richer”, and even more for the rich-to-top-range range.

2. Choose the right foundation

Choosing the right foundation depends on your skin type. Choose a foundation that matches the most appropriate under-skin coverage, any darker foundation will end up looking heavier.

3. Foundation work: What to apply

Apply all over the face until you see any areas where your skin looks darker than others. When applying, go for the bright areas first. Using fingers or a sponge, blend everything out. For other areas, you may use a brush or patting.

4. Under-eye concealer

For under eye concealer, using the skin which is right above the rim of your eye, only half an inch over the crease, or until the skin that becomes slightly yellow.

The end result of applying concealer to this area is to erase any dark circles that appear right above the rim of your eyes, without blackening up the rest of your face with too much product.

5. Buff away

When applied lightly, concealer can work as a slim-slim buffer. You can first put concealer in the centre of your face (around your nose, where skin is normal in colour), and then move the edges to frame the other areas of your face. Buff a thin layer of concealer and pat. To add in more length to your foundation, blot it with a tissue for a few seconds.

6. Set and blend

After applying, set your foundation with a foundation brush. To achieve a well-blended result, work on three areas: the center, the sides and the corners. You may also work your way to the edges and back to the center. Blend in the outer, inner, top and bottom areas and ensure that the product is blended and sealed out. Buffing is required in order to evenly distribute the setting products.

7. Perfect under eye concealer

Apply a primer for the under eye area, one that has oil-free and alcohol-free ingredients. Allow the product to be absorbed. Start with an oil-free primer such as and This will allow you to base the concealer on. Then, set it using another concealer that has oil in it. Next, apply concealer only around the edges, and set with a powder product. Add coverage to any visible areas that need it. Brush away any fall-out and blend.

A great tip to follow is to check for your brows every now and then. You can use false ones, fake lashes, pencils, pencils or brush the brows (best with brow colour)

8. Blending

Blend your concealer with a damp makeup sponge. Concentrate on making a matte, even finish, being careful not to rub the product into the skin.

The Perfect Skin Perfecting Concealer has a wide bore and just a small dip in the middle for a comfortable application. Its rose color is soft and round, giving your makeup a natural feel. It’s water-resistant and can even be removed with a damp makeup sponge.

Sunbelievable Concealer in medium gives a natural and fresh appearance. It can be used on all skin types. This concealer can be applied easily, and it creates a subtle glow, while it can cover up dark under eye circles and marks as well as blemishes.

Like the Perfect Skin Perfecting Concealer, The P.S. Easy-Peasy Cover Stick in light gives a natural and fresh appearance. It can be used on all skin types. This concealer is recommended for women who have combination skin. This product makes your skin look fresh and balanced. It can also be removed with a damp makeup sponge. It has excellent flexibility and flexibility, making it very easy to blend in with just a finger or a brush. You can use this product alone or you can use it as the base layer of your foundation.

Botanist Concealer with Oil in medium is suitable for all skin types. It is great for oily and acne-prone skin. It provides a great dewy glow. It is easy to use, and it is easily blendable. This product creates a fresh and natural look.

I’m not saying you don’t need to use it, but it is best to use a little to conceal anything. You only need a few strokes or layers at most to hide any imperfections, and you will blend with no problem. Then apply top-lip products like A Kissable Lip Balm in Red Pearl which is my signature lip product, makes your lips look fuller and more sensual.

Thickness of concealer you use also matters. If the concealer is too light, it will melt off.

Concealer that thicken up to 2-3 uses on the face, look like it works better in the long term, like a bottle that can go for many uses.

Best to use around the eyes as well, so any time you need to highlight some parts of the face, you can use eyeshadow or eye liner.

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