Oily skin care tips

I’m here today to talk about what I know about oily skin and how you can still use skincare to achieve that nice clean glowing complexion without being completely covered with oil.

Why is oily skin more complicated?

Oily skin is more complicated than dry skin because of the oil production. Oily skin tends to overproduce sebum (aka oil). Some people are blessed with an oily skin type, while others tend to have dry skin.

Oily skin will make your hair feel greasy and your makeup won’t look the same as if you had dry skin. Because your skin produces excess sebum and you have to use oil-free products on oily skin, your skin will look greasy, even if it’s not!

For example, I don’t normally get oily skin but if I overdo it at the gym (not showering in a while), my skin will look greasy. It’s also more difficult to get your makeup to stay on because your skin is too oily.

A good way to combat the oily skin is to keep it under control.

Tips to keep oily skin under control

1. Use the right type of moisturizer for your skin type

If your skin is oily, you need to use oil-free products like a serum or a lotion instead of a cream. If you use a moisturizer that’s oil-based, it will cause more oil to seep through the pores and cause your skin to be more greasy.

2. Get a facial for oily skin

I find facials to be really helpful to get that clean, dewy glow you’re looking for. My skin is oily but also prone to breakout so when I go to the spa or beauty counter, I look for a facial that will help clear up any acne spots and control my oily skin.

I like to use a facial that’s designed to clear acne, brighten, and even out my skin. I also go for the full facial since I think the massage will help my skin feel much better and it will help my skin absorb the product more.

3. Keep your eyes clean and use eye cream to prevent wrinkles

Clean your eyes from excess dirt, makeup, and environmental factors like smoke and dust. Clean your eye area frequently, and use an eye cream for dark circles or lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

4. Take it easy with night creams

I find that using night creams or day creams is not always the best idea for an oily skin type. It’s much better to use a serum and moisturizer instead.

5. Use the right type of foundation

A matte foundation will look great for you but not for an oily skin type. You don’t want to have the oily shine show through. I find a fluid foundation works great with an oily skin type.

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