5 beauty products I want to try in 2022

There are many beauty trends I want to try for the next year or even beyond, but most of them fall under a certain category – they’re about new tools or concepts I haven’t tried before, or a makeup product with a new spin on it that feels more futuristic.

But I’m getting ahead of myself! There’s no way I could even try them all before 2022, and some of them will require some research. I’ve been looking back at beauty products I tried in the last year or so and have decided what’s worth testing next year.

It’s kind of like a beauty wishlist – some of these items are more high-end or niche, while others might seem a little more mainstream. Some products are ones I already had the chance to try and loved, while others will be brand-new products I’ve never tried before.

The products here may be a little different from the ones I’ll be buying in the next year, but I do want to try each one out for different reasons.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to testing in the year to come!

1. Henna Beauty

My sister-in-law recently told me that henna is becoming very popular. She said that a lot of women are doing henna tattoos for the first time, and are finding that they’re really comfortable.

The tattoo lasts a long time, and it doesn’t dry or crack. You can also do a lot with it, too. I think I might get some kind of small tattoo done next year, and I want to try the henna. I’ll be experimenting with a couple different shades and see what kind of look I can create.

2. The Lip Lab

The Lip Lab, a makeup brand based in the UK, just opened its first store in the US – it’s at the Time Square in New York City. It carries a lot of lipstick shades I’ve never seen in stores here, and it’s a beautiful place to shop for your lips, too.

The Lip Lab just released a new gloss that they created with lip liner that I absolutely love – it has a glossy finish, but it’s still very moisturizing and hydrating.

I’m thinking about getting some of their lip liner and setting it with this gloss. If you haven’t been to a The Lip Lab store before, I highly recommend checking them out. You can check out their website or find them on Instagram.

3. The Caudalie Beauty Collection

A few months ago, I picked up a bottle of Caudalie products in a Sephora sample bag, and I’ve been loving them ever since. They have a lot of anti-aging products, and I’ve been using them for more than a year.

I use their cleansing water for my whole body (after cleansing with my cleanser), and I use the cream every day on my face. I can’t say I love them yet because I’m not sold on all of the products. I just picked up another sample bag with some more products and have been testing them out. I think they’re really good for my skin – the cleanser leaves it feeling clean and refreshed, and the cream is helping reduce the appearance of redness in my cheeks.

I have a few samples left in this bag, so I might have to pick up a full-size bottle before 2022.

4. Dr. Brandt

Dr. Brandt is an Australian cosmetic doctor who is very popular on YouTube, and she sells all kinds of beauty products, including one of my favorite makeup brands, Too Faced.

You may have heard about her lip-swap video that was viral a few years ago, but that’s just one of her YouTube videos. She has her own show, and I’ve been listening to her podcast for a few years now, and she’s still as informative and entertaining as ever.

Her skincare line is one I love using – it’s very gentle, but also very effective. I have a few sample packets of her products, and I’ll be purchasing a few of the products I like next year.

5. Urban Decay The Naked Palette

Urban Decay has made quite a name for themselves since they released their first Naked palette. The first one was a cult-favorite, but their latest is even more popular. The Palette is full of all the must-have products, so I will be trying them out.

I’m curious to see how the Naked Palette stacks up against other eyeshadow palettes, like the Urban Decay Naked3 palette. I don’t have that one yet, but I can’t wait to pick it up.

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