5 best skincare tips for aging skin

Most of us have one thing in common: we all age! It may not be something that is completely unavoidable (like death or aging from sun exposure) but everyone will suffer through it. It’s only natural to want to preserve youth and fight aging, but how?

There is no single magic bullet that can fight aging, but if you’re committed, you’ll start to see improvements. We’re here to give you 5 tips to help you age more gracefully, without spending a fortune or compromising your skin’s health.

Anti-aging creams are not a complete solution, but they’re a good place to start and they’re easy to use.

1. Cleanse and exfoliate

Most people are not cleansing their skin enough. It’s not a luxury item; it’s a necessity.

We recommend using a pH-balanced cleanser (not a soap, but one that is gentle). It may be tempting to just use an inexpensive bar soap, but it’s actually going to strip your skin of moisture. Exfoliating is also important. The skin is in an acid state, so an alkaline product is best for exfoliating.

2. Moisturize

Moisturizing is absolutely critical to good-looking skin. Moisture helps seal the skin barrier and keep the skin looking smooth.

As the skin ages, it loses a bit of its natural moisture and the natural oils in the skin decrease, so it doesn’t hold onto moisture as well as it used to. Moisturizing is also a way to prevent wrinkles from forming. The skin’s collagen becomes denser when it is moisturized regularly and wrinkles simply don’t appear.

Many moisturizers are marketed specifically to anti-aging purposes, but many of them are also rich in hydrating and soothing plant extracts. Many contain hyaluronic acid, which helps bind to moisture and keeps it locked into the skin.

We recommend you avoid anything that is thick, greasy, or thickly scented (many of these are filled with unnecessary additives like fragrances). There are a few exceptions to this rule, though. We suggest looking for these types of products at the drugstore or discount beauty stores. If it seems to be a great moisturizer, you can buy it at a better price and apply it twice a week.

If you have really sensitive skin, avoid anything containing fragrances. This is because the fragrances can cause irritation.

3. Protect from UV exposure

The sun has its benefits, but it also has a negative effect on the skin.

The skin becomes thicker as we age and we lose collagen. This means our skin becomes less resilient to UV exposure. The sun’s rays can lead to discoloration, as well as wrinkles and skin cancers.

You can protect yourself from the sun by wearing protective sunscreen every day. We recommend SPF 15 or higher for the best protection.

This is why it’s so important to exfoliate and moisturize. The exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and the moisturization helps lock in moisture.

4. Use good makeup

If you look at the faces of celebrities and beauty queens, you will notice that they spend a lot of time on makeup.

They use high-quality makeup products to hide imperfections. They use concealers to reduce fine lines and brighten their skin. They use foundation to help hide their acne scars, and eye liner to brighten and emphasize their eyes. They use lip color to make their lips look fuller.

It’s important to make sure you are using the best products for your skin. You don’t want to spend hours applying a makeup that makes your skin look terrible.

5. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals

You don’t want to go through your life feeling like you have terrible skin. If you have acne or oily skin, you are in luck. There are many acne products that have natural ingredients and have worked wonders. We do not recommend that you use chemical-filled products. They can be harsh and they can irritate your skin.

The beauty of natural products is that they aren’t going to irritate your skin. They are gentle and they do what they’re supposed to do.

We do not recommend chemical peels. There are some chemical peels that may make you look younger, but they’re still not natural and they’re not good for your skin.

Do you have any other tips for anti-aging? Share with us in the comments below!

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