5 beauty products I want to try in 2022

There are many beauty trends I want to try for the next year or even beyond, but most of them fall under a certain category – they’re about new tools or concepts I haven’t tried before, or a makeup product with a new spin on it that feels more futuristic.

But I’m getting ahead of myself! There’s no way I could even try them all before 2022, and some of them will require some research. I’ve been looking back at beauty products I tried in the last year or so and have decided what’s worth testing next year.

It’s kind of like a beauty wishlist – some of these items are more high-end or niche, while others might seem a little more mainstream. Some products are ones I already had the chance to try and loved, while others will be brand-new products I’ve never tried before.

The products here may be a little different from the ones I’ll be buying in the next year, but I do want to try each one out for different reasons.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to testing in the year to come!

1. Henna Beauty

My sister-in-law recently told me that henna is becoming very popular. She said that a lot of women are doing henna tattoos for the first time, and are finding that they’re really comfortable.

The tattoo lasts a long time, and it doesn’t dry or crack. You can also do a lot with it, too. I think I might get some kind of small tattoo done next year, and I want to try the henna. I’ll be experimenting with a couple different shades and see what kind of look I can create.

2. The Lip Lab

The Lip Lab, a makeup brand based in the UK, just opened its first store in the US – it’s at the Time Square in New York City. It carries a lot of lipstick shades I’ve never seen in stores here, and it’s a beautiful place to shop for your lips, too.

The Lip Lab just released a new gloss that they created with lip liner that I absolutely love – it has a glossy finish, but it’s still very moisturizing and hydrating.

I’m thinking about getting some of their lip liner and setting it with this gloss. If you haven’t been to a The Lip Lab store before, I highly recommend checking them out. You can check out their website or find them on Instagram.

3. The Caudalie Beauty Collection

A few months ago, I picked up a bottle of Caudalie products in a Sephora sample bag, and I’ve been loving them ever since. They have a lot of anti-aging products, and I’ve been using them for more than a year.

I use their cleansing water for my whole body (after cleansing with my cleanser), and I use the cream every day on my face. I can’t say I love them yet because I’m not sold on all of the products. I just picked up another sample bag with some more products and have been testing them out. I think they’re really good for my skin – the cleanser leaves it feeling clean and refreshed, and the cream is helping reduce the appearance of redness in my cheeks.

I have a few samples left in this bag, so I might have to pick up a full-size bottle before 2022.

4. Dr. Brandt

Dr. Brandt is an Australian cosmetic doctor who is very popular on YouTube, and she sells all kinds of beauty products, including one of my favorite makeup brands, Too Faced.

You may have heard about her lip-swap video that was viral a few years ago, but that’s just one of her YouTube videos. She has her own show, and I’ve been listening to her podcast for a few years now, and she’s still as informative and entertaining as ever.

Her skincare line is one I love using – it’s very gentle, but also very effective. I have a few sample packets of her products, and I’ll be purchasing a few of the products I like next year.

5. Urban Decay The Naked Palette

Urban Decay has made quite a name for themselves since they released their first Naked palette. The first one was a cult-favorite, but their latest is even more popular. The Palette is full of all the must-have products, so I will be trying them out.

I’m curious to see how the Naked Palette stacks up against other eyeshadow palettes, like the Urban Decay Naked3 palette. I don’t have that one yet, but I can’t wait to pick it up.

Top Sephora makeup finds

We have all heard the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but if you want to be that beholder, you have to find the perfect makeup to match.

This month, I have put together a list of the top Sephora makeup finds to suit a variety of skin tones. This is the type of makeup that I wear every single day of my life because it perfectly matches my skin tone.

1. Purity Complex Skin Foundation in 110 Natural Light ($40)

This is the perfect match for my skin tone, because I have light brown to golden undertones that are balanced with cool undertones. I prefer the Purity Complex Skin Foundation to the more expensive and popular Purity Complex Skin Luminous Face Powder, because I am using it as a skin foundation and I don’t want to have to use an additional setting powder.

The Purity Complex Skin Foundation is buildable and comes in a handy travel size, which makes it convenient to bring on the go with you. It’s the perfect color match for me, and it doesn’t look cakey or heavy, which is the main concern for many people with oily skin.

2. The Nude Collection Blush in The Muse ($25)

The Nude Collection Blush in The Muse ($25) is the perfect match for me because it is an almost nude shade of a blush that comes with a bright orange shimmer that brings a youthful glow to my complexion. I tend to lean towards warm, light, and yellow toned blushes, which The Muse Blush is an excellent match for. I was worried that this blush would look overly pink in a warm setting, but I have found that it looks best with my warm undertones.

The blush is lightweight, so it’s easy to blend and use. It comes in a handy 3-ounce case, which makes it easy to travel with me. It’s the perfect shade of blush to use if you want to buildable blush that has a youthful, glow-y feel on your skin.

3. The Nude Collection Liquid Liner in The Muse ($28)

The Nude Collection Liquid Liner in The Muse ($28) is a perfect match for my skin tone because it’s a very light and sheer pink tone that matches my undertones perfectly. If I didn’t have a liner that matched my undertones, I would probably not have a liner because the color tends to look harsh. But, The Muse Liquid Liner blends into my skin seamlessly, and it gives me a very light yet subtle definition line that’s perfect for my understated look.

The Nude Collection Liquid Liner is a long lasting, black liner that will stay on my eyelids all day with ease. It also comes in a handy travel size case, which is perfect for me to use on the go. It’s easy to use, and it’s easy to clean off with soap and water when you’re finished.

4. Graftobian Skin Perfecting Powder ($30)

Graftobian Skin Perfecting Powder ($30) is a perfect match for my skin tone because I have a golden undertones that are balanced with cool undertones, which is a perfect match for this powder. It comes in a handy travel size that makes it easy to bring with me on the go. It’s great for setting my makeup, but it’s also great for a day-long powder that’s buildable and lightweight.

This is one of the most popular Sephora makeup finds that comes with a handy travel size because it blends into the skin like a second skin. It’s great for a light foundation that gives me a subtle and perfect amount of coverage, but it also does a great job at evening out any redness that may appear under my skin.

5. The Nude Collection Skin Tinting Spray ($18)

The Nude Collection Skin Tinting Spray ($18) is a perfect match for my skin tone because I have cool undertones that are balanced with golden undertones, which is why I prefer to use a spray tan. I love the light coverage of the Nude Collection Skin Tinting Spray, and I use it to give my skin a natural looking tan without using a spray tan or tanning lotion. I apply the spray directly to my face and my body, and it’s easy to blend and work into my skin. It comes in a handy travel size that makes it easy to travel with me.

I love this product because it’s the best option for those who are looking for a natural looking spray tan, but it also does an excellent job at covering blemishes, scars, and redness. It also smells amazing.

What are your favorite Sephora finds? Share with us in the comments section below.

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Best beauty product gifts for women on your list this holiday season

Finding the perfect gift for that special woman in your life can be stressful. Whether it’s a mother, wife, girlfriend or daughter, it’s important that you find the perfect gift that speaks directly to their interests, desires and beauty needs. It can be difficult to find that one-of-a-kind beauty gift that will turn her into a beauty maven and make her want to share it with the rest of her friends and family.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect beauty gift for your beauty-loving woman this year, take a look at these 10 products below, ranging in price from $20 to $500 and spanning multiple categories such as skincare, makeup, haircare and more. Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking to blow the lid off her current beauty stash, these 10 beauty products are a must-have for your holiday gift shopping.

If she already has everything she could ever need in her beauty closet, consider gifting her one of these 10 top-rated beauty products to expand her beauty collection.

1. Caudalie Instant Age-Fighting Serum

One of the most effective anti-aging solutions on the market, the Caudalie Instant Age-Fighting Serum instantly eliminates wrinkles, fine lines, dryness and dullness. It uses Caudalie’s exclusive Pro-Collagen complex to stimulate the skin to produce collagen, which makes the skin more firm, youthful and radiant. This product is perfect for those who are experiencing some form of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles and dull skin. The serum comes in a pump bottle with an applicator and is available in three distinct formulas – Youth Serum, Daily Serum and Age-Fighting Serum – all at different price points.

2. Too Faced Studio Fix HD Primer

It can be challenging finding a primer that will stay on the face without caking, settling in oily or greasy areas, and leaving the skin feeling dry. Too Faced Studio Fix HD Primer works with all skin types and tones, while still staying ultra-smooth on the skin and working well all day. This lightweight formula blends easily to form a long-lasting primer that leaves the skin smooth, glowing and hydrated. This is ideal for women who need a long-lasting primer to apply makeup over top without having to worry about the primer settling in areas. The Studio Fix HD Primer is available in two shades: Nude and Fair.

3. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil is formulated with a blend of botanicals, including chamomile, marjoram, calendula and rose hip, to soothe the skin and help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and acne scars. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil combines a rich texture with a delicate aroma to create a serum that’s not heavy and spreads easily into the skin. It has a slight sheen to it that will make your face feel nourished, while soothing and softening the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. This oil can be used alone, or combined with the company’s Ultra Facial Cleanser.

4. Benefit POREfessional Retouching Pads

The POREfessional Retouching Pads from Benefit Cosmetics are designed to erase imperfections and dark spots with their lightweight formula that’s formulated with activated charcoal and salicylic acid. The pads are designed to cover imperfections and spots, so they are not recommended for the treatment of pimples or blemishes. Benefit’s POREfessional Retouching Pads are available in four shades – Neutral, Fair, Light Brown and Medium Brown – and are available in an 8-pack.

5. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Deep Pore Cleansing Gel

Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Deep Pore Cleansing Gel was formulated to gently remove dead skin, dirt and impurities to create a clean canvas for makeup application. This gel-cream cleanser will leave the skin feeling fresh, hydrated and dewy, and it’s one of the most effective acne-clearing products on the market. It’s gentle, leaving skin soft and refreshed, and it’s safe for even the most sensitive of skin types. The gel cleanser also contains plant stem cells, which work as a gentle exfoliant to help clear pores, while making the skin more healthy and radiant.

6. Benefit Cosmetics PORE-Soothing Anti-Aging Serum

The PORE-Soothing Anti-Aging Serum is designed to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation while helping to boost collagen and repair the skin’s surface to create a firmer, smoother appearance. The anti-aging serum is packed with ingredients like vitamin C, grape seed extract, a vitamin B12-rich peptide and a combination of botanical extracts that are designed to reduce inflammation, soothe skin and help the skin repair itself and look healthier. This is ideal for women who have experienced some form of skin aging and are looking for a natural and effective solution.

7. Maybelline SuperStay All Nighter Mascara

The Maybelline SuperStay All Nighter Mascara is one of the best mascaras on the market because it lasts all day, even in the most extreme heat, while still remaining extremely smooth. It provides intense color, while keeping the lashes plump, full and shiny, so that you can look more awake and awake without a headache. The Maybelline SuperStay All Nighter Mascara is designed to withstand up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s safe to use during extreme summer heat. It’s available in eight shades, including Natural Black, Black Black and Red Brown.

8. L’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara

L’Oreal’s Voluminous Waterproof Mascara is one of the best mascaras on the market because it provides intense color, while keeping the lashes plump, full and shiny, so that you can look more awake and awake without a headache. The waterproof formula also delivers extreme hold without smudging or clumping, even under the most extreme heat. This is ideal for women who have extremely dark eyelashes that need a strong color.

9. Bumble and Bumble The Curves Poreless Cleansing Pads

Bumble and Bumble The Curves Poreless Cleansing Pads are one of the most effective acne-fighting cleansing pads on the market. They are a dry formula with no oil, and they will not leave any trace of residue on the skin. Bumble and Bumble The Curves Poreless Cleansing Pads work as an effective acne-fighting agent, as they help exfoliate the skin, while gently removing any buildup and impurities. They are ideal for sensitive skin and are available in four shades, including Light, Fair, Dark and Deep.

10. Sephora Ultra Blotting Paper

If your woman is struggling to control her oily skin during the summer months, the Sephora Ultra Blotting Paper is one of the most effective solutions to dry out oily skin. This product is a dual-purpose sheet that can be used as both a blotting sheet and a cleanser. The Sephora Ultra Blotting Paper works to help remove makeup, while also absorbing oil from the skin, so that it’s ready to be washed away. It works as an effective makeup remover, while also working well for oily skin.

10 beauty must-have products under $20

We have a thing about bargain beauty products. While it may seem to be a simple concept, beauty is expensive – especially when it comes to products that have to be bought for everyday use. While there are several beauty products that can be bought on a budget, some of the most useful products have their own beauty industry price tags. In this article, we will share some of the best beauty products on the market that are worth every penny.

Dior Homme Intense Hold Spray – $15.00

The Dior Homme Intense Hold Spray is one of the best all-day-hold sprays that you can get. It doesn’t work on every hair type and may cause flaking if you use too much, but it works wonders on dry, coarse and unruly hair. When you are done styling your hair, you can simply spray on the product again to create a second coat that will last even longer.

Bath & Body Works The Moisturizing Creme – $10.00

A product that moisturizes, conditions and smells amazing? You may have already heard of the product and probably think it is too good to be true. The truth is that it is just that good. The Moisturizing Creme has a light, citrusy scent and feels amazing on the skin. The moisture lasts throughout the day, conditioning and leaving hair feeling soft and smooth.

Nourishment Milk Hair Mask – $13.00

The Nourishment Milk Hair Mask is a hair mask that is designed to repair hair damage, leaving hair looking and feeling soft, clean and healthy. The mask has a thick consistency and is designed to be left on hair overnight. The product includes natural fruit acids to moisturize and protect hair from damage, repairing and fortifying hair. The Nourishment Milk Hair Mask is a good investment for your hair.

Sculpt the Perfect Blowout – $7.99

The Sculpt the Perfect Blowout is a professional hair product designed to be used on the hair just before a blow-out. The product will keep the hair soft, shiny and manageable. The product is designed for blow-out hair, leaving the blow-out looking amazing for hours. The product can also be used on dry hair for an extra shine.

Clarisonic Brush – $19.99

If you are looking for an inexpensive but powerful cleansing device, the Clarisonic Brush is a must-have. The brush is a professional quality product that will help you remove all your makeup and leave your skin looking clean and healthy. The brush is designed to be used in a circular motion across the face while running the brush down the neck to help remove makeup and dead skin cells.

Pixi Glow Tonic – $18.95

If you are looking for a toner that will help to cleanse the skin and leave the skin looking and feeling refreshed, the Pixi Glow Tonic is the perfect product. The product is made of natural ingredients and leaves skin feeling and looking fresh, clean and smooth. The Pixi Glow Tonic is a refreshing and refreshing toner that is great for sensitive skin.

CND Nail Polish Remover – $14.95

The CND Nail Polish Remover is an effective way to get your nail polish off without damaging the nail polish or the nail. The product works by melting the nail polish and is great for removing sticky and hard nail polish. The Nail Polish Remover is easy to use and requires no special equipment.

Bath & Body Works Lavender Hand Soap – $4.99

The Lavender Hand Soap is a great way to hydrate your hands. The product is infused with lavender to soften dry skin and leave hands feeling hydrated and soft. The soap contains all-natural ingredients that are gentle to the skin and are perfect for all skin types.

Nourishment Cleansing Oil – $19.99

If you want to cleanse the skin without stripping it of essential oils, the Nourishment Cleansing Oil is a must-have. The product is made from 100% organic ingredients and is designed to cleanse and hydrate the skin. The oil is also designed to leave the skin feeling smooth and healthy.

Best gel nail polish finishes

If you’re tired of the simple glossy gel nail polish finish and want to spice up your manicure with a special finish and stand out from the crowd then here are the best gel nail polish finishes that the nail industry offers today.

They are all easy to achieve both in a salon environment and at home for a DIY manicurist. If you go to a salon ask your nail technician for a special finish and they will always offer several options for you because they buy their gel nail polishes and other nail products in bulk so they may have several special finish polishes or top coats for you to choose from. Plus a nail technician will always be aware of new technologies, trends, and products in their industry. That’s why they’ll be more than happy to create one of these finishes on your nails.

And if you want to create this kind of finish at home then you can buy professional-level gel nail polishes, top coats, and special powders to make your dream come true. You won’t believe how easy it is to create these special finishes at home once you get the hang of it.

Matte finish

The most classy and elegant of them all is the matte finish for the nails. This is the most trendy gel nail polish finish these days on Instagram and Pinterest.

Matte gel nails are the ones that don’t have any luster or shine. They are loved by everyone because they can instantly elevate your look and match perfectly with both light and dark colors. Matte nails are also great for a wedding. You can add some glitter or rhinestones to them and they will look stunning. Or wear them with no other adornments to the workplace. Most nail technicians should be able to create the matte finish on your nails for you. It’s very easy to achieve by just painting a single layer of a special matte gel top coat over your preferred gel nail polish after it has been cured. So if you buy a matte top coat you can easily do it at home.

You can create a mega-trendy double-finish design on your matte nails. Just place a tape over part of your nail and cover the rest of it with the matte gel top coat, cure it in the lamp and then remove the tape. Cover the rest of your nail with a glossy top coat and cure it and you’ll have an original and super-stylish design on your nails with minimal effort. No need to do any complex nail art or use a special brush.

Pearlescent finish

Pearlescent finish instantly makes your gel nails look amazingly cute and pretty. It also elevates any look and looks elegant and classy without being tacky. This finish is achieved by rubbing a special pearlescent powder over the uncured gel top coat. This powder is usually white with a pearl shimmer so it looks best over light gel nail polishes, and is traditionally being used over white gel nail polish. Although you can certainly make it work with dark nail colors too.

Pearl finish is the absolute best gel nail polish finish for the wedding. Your nails will look like pearls and will match your wedding dress and pearl and diamond jewelry perfectly. The rosy glow will make your hands look stunning in your wedding photos.

Glitter finish

The glitter finish is perfect for a party, date night, or in some cases even a wedding. This finish is super-glamorous. It can be done by using a glitter gel nail polish or by rubbing a glitter powder over an uncured gel top coat. Glitter looks perfect with a glossy top coat but it can also be combined with a matte top coat for an interesting effect.

Color-changing gel nail polish

Color-changing nail polish is the ultimate of nail art trends right now. So many nail blogs and nail shows suggest this finish. This is a personal favorite because it adds some kind of nail art to your gel nails but not to the point that it looks tacky or fake. This is great for special occasions like weddings or bachelorette parties.

A great and trendy way to create a color-changing effect at home is by using nail polishes with special pigments that react to the surrounding temperature.

These pigments will change color based on your body’s temperature.

Chunky glitter and confetti gel nail polish

These polishes have metallic or confetti flakes that look amazing against a shiny finish.

So if you want to get the glamorous effect that everyone craves, any chunky glitter or confetti gel nail polish is the best way to achieve it.

Plus it can be combined with matte gel polish for a lovely velvety effect with contrasting sequins.

Best MAC makeup products for your face

The MAC makeup collection is among the best, and that’s why we love to share our favorite products from this amazing brand. Whether you want to create a gorgeous smokey eye, or just apply a quick and simple primer, MAC has a product for you!

We love the makeup and cosmetics from MAC. Not only does the brand offer a great selection of high-quality makeup products, but they also have the most amazing prices. MAC makeup products are some of the best you can get for the money, and we always have a great MAC haul with us. If you like the brand as well, you may want to consider checking out the MAC collection. They have great makeup products for all skin types, including acne-prone, sensitive and mature skin. The MAC makeup collection is available in Sephora and many MAC stores across the globe.

With all that being said, today we have a great list of the best MAC makeup products for your face. We chose the best makeup from the MAC collection to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re looking to apply your primer in one simple swipe or build a gorgeous smokey eye, we have the makeup for you. Here’s our list of the best MAC makeup products for your face:

1. MAC Cosmetics Velvet Finish Primer

Velvet Finish Primer is the perfect primer for oily and combination skin. We love it because it works great on all skin types, and it does not clog pores and is easy to remove. It also contains no alcohol, mineral oil, synthetic preservatives, and synthetic fragrances.

For oily skin, we use it before a foundation to set and make your skin more matte.

For combination skin, it is perfect to apply before a foundation for an extra-matte finish.

For dry skin, it’s a great primer for your makeup in the morning.

It comes in a convenient pump spray, and it comes in 5 shades:

1 Medium Beige (C)

2 Warm Beige (C)

3 Neutral Beige (C)

4 Light Neutral (C)

5 Cool Neutral (C)


Available in 5 shades: Warm Beige (C), Neutral Beige (C), Light Neutral (C), Medium Beige (C) and Cool Neutral (C)

It has a pump bottle

It’s perfect for all skin types

It has no synthetic preservatives, mineral oil and alcohol

It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee


The color of the powder can go on a little chalky and uneven if you have oily skin

It comes in a shade that can be too warm for darker skin tones

It’s too light for darker skin tones

2. MAC Cosmetics ColorStay Foundation

The MAC Cosmetics ColorStay Foundation is great to set the makeup on your face, and it does not fade away quickly. The ColorStay Foundation is a new makeup from MAC, and it comes in 12 shades. It gives a long-lasting, sheer coverage. We love that it’s easy to apply, easy to remove, and it makes the skin feel so fresh and natural.

You can use it as a foundation, concealer and more.

It comes in a pump bottle

It comes in 12 shades:

1 Warm Beige (T)

2 Tan (T)

3 Cool Beige (T)

4 Neutral (T)

5 Fair (T)

6 Light Beige (T)

7 Warm Beige (T)

8 Dark Neutral (T)

9 Fair Neutral (T)

10 Cool Neutral (T)

11 Pale (T)

12 Cool Fair (T)


It has 12 shades, which is perfect for all skin tones

It sets makeup and is easy to remove

It does not have any alcohol, mineral oil or synthetic preservatives

It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee

It’s hypo-allergenic

It comes in a pump bottle


It does not have any SPF

It can look a little too shimmery on darker skin tones

It can look too light on darker skin tones

3. MAC Cosmetics The Setting Spray

The Setting Spray is great for making your makeup look more matte and smooth. It contains vitamin E to set the makeup and help skin appear healthy and radiant. It comes in a convenient spray bottle, and it does not have any synthetic fragrances or preservatives.

We love that it has a quick-drying formula, and it gives your skin a natural feel.

It comes in a convenient pump bottle

It comes in 5 shades:

1 Warm Beige (C)

2 Tan (C)

3 Neutral Beige (C)

4 Light Neutral (C)

5 Cool Neutral (C)


It has a quick-drying formula

It gives your skin a natural feel

It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee


It can have a strong fragrance. If you are sensitive to perfume, you may want to consider a different brand

4. MAC Cosmetics Powder Foundation in Natural

If you want a lightweight foundation, the Powder Foundation in Natural is the perfect choice. It contains silica and vitamin C, which help reduce redness and wrinkles. The powder foundation is great for all skin types, and it’s super easy to apply. It comes with a pump container, which makes it easy to use, and you can apply it in seconds.

We love that it is a lightweight foundation. It gives you a natural finish, and it does not give a heavy feeling on your skin.

It comes in a convenient pump bottle

It comes in 2 shades:

1 Warm Beige (C)

2 Tan (C)


It’s easy to apply

It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee

It’s a lightweight foundation

It comes in a convenient pump bottle


It can appear a little patchy

5. MAC Cosmetics Powder Foundation in Fair

This powder foundation is perfect for light skin tones. It comes in a convenient pump bottle, and you can easily apply it in seconds. The powder foundation has SPF 15, and it contains vitamin E to help your skin appear healthy and radiant.

We love that it is a lightweight foundation. It gives you a natural finish, and it does not give a heavy feeling on your skin.

It comes in a pump bottle

It comes in 4 shades:

1 Warm Beige (C)

2 Tan (C)

3 Neutral Beige (C)

4 Light Neutral (C)


It has a quick-drying formula

It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee

It’s easy to apply


It may not appear as even as other products in the range

It doesn’t have an SPF.

Best glitter nail polish of 2021

Glitter nail polish is an absolute must for a party or holiday. And while we love glitter in all its forms, it’s not the only way to achieve this shimmer. You can also create this gorgeous look with the help of glitter top coats and opaque glitter polishes.

To make your glitter nails last all day, apply a base coat first. It’ll help prevent the polish from chipping. If you’re concerned about the base coat chipping, apply top coat after your base coat to help prevent further damage.

The best way to create these nails is to first apply two coats of your favorite glitter nail polish. If you prefer a matte finish, apply three to four coats.

For the most glittery results, apply a top coat to smooth the polish out, and add glitter. Apply a thin layer and allow the glitter to settle in. Use a flat and clean nail brush to brush it into the corners and edges of the polish. You can also add glitter to the tips of your nails.

Once you’re satisfied with your glitter polish, seal your nails in a base coat and apply top coat to seal the polish. This will protect your nails and keep them shiny all day long.

1. OPI Glitter Snowflake Sparkle Nail Polish

OPI Glitter Snowflake Sparkle nail polish is the perfect way to achieve the glittery look. This glitter nail polish has a subtle shimmer that creates an enchanting holiday effect. It has a beautiful, snowflake pattern, and glitter in the size of a snowflake. This glitter nail polish will look best with a base coat or top coat for long-lasting shine.

2. Nail-by-Nail

Nail-by-Nail by Color Club is a glitter top coat that adds a subtle sheen to your nails. The texture and glitter are the same as the main polish.

3. OPI Glitter Snowflake Nail Polish

OPI Glitter Snowflake nail polish is perfect for a holiday party or a holiday card. It adds a bit of shimmer to a plain polish that will go with any outfit and make you feel pretty.

4. Color Club Glitter top Coat

Color Club Glitter top Coat is a top coat that adds a subtle shimmer to a nail polish. The glitter is in the size of a snowflake, so you can easily apply it to your nails. If you’re using a base coat, it will work well as a top coat, too.

5. OPI Glitter Snowflake Top Coat

OPI Glitter Snowflake nail polish is perfect for a holiday party. It adds a bit of shimmer to a plain polish that will go with any outfit and make you feel pretty.

6. Sally Hansen Glitter Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Glitter Nail Polish is a fun glitter nail polish. It adds shimmer to a base coat and provides a subtle sheen for the entire nail. It has two coats of glitter polish to create the most vibrant, sparkly effect.

7. Nail Art Beauty

Nail Art Beauty is a top coat that glows in the dark. It has a sparkle that’s a bit more muted, and it looks better in the dark. It’s a bit expensive, but it makes a great alternative to other glitter nail polishes.

8. OPI Glitter Snowflake Sparkle Nail Polish

OPI Glitter Snowflake Sparkle nail polish is the perfect way to achieve the glittery look. This glitter nail polish has a subtle shimmer that creates an enchanting holiday effect. It has a beautiful, snowflake pattern, and glitter in the size of a snowflake. This glitter nail polish will look best with a base coat or top coat for long-lasting shine.

9. Barry M Glitter top Coat

Barry M Glitter top Coat is a top coat that adds a subtle shimmer to a nail polish. The glitter is in the size of a snowflake, so you can easily apply it to your nails. If you’re using a base coat, it will work well as a top coat, too.

10. Wet n Wild Glitter Top Coat

Wet n Wild Glitter Top Coat is a top coat that adds a subtle shimmer to a nail polish. It has a shimmer that’s a bit more muted, and it looks better in the dark. It’s a bit expensive, but it makes a great alternative to other glitter nail polishes.

Best nude lipsticks 2021

Various nude lipsticks on the market are designed with high-quality pigments, so you don’t need to worry about the color lasting for a long time. They are creamy and smooth, so they will not crack or fade easily. In the following sections, we will look at the best nude lipsticks, along with detailed information on each.

What are nude lipsticks?

Nude lipsticks are typically described as neutral shades, and are not associated with a particular skin tone. They are perfect for every skin type and skin tone. They are best for those who want to try out a new lipstick without having to go through the process of trying a full-on colored lipstick first.

They can even be used as a base for a full-coverage lipstick. Nude lipsticks are good for any occasion; you can wear them for your day-to-day activities like getting dressed up, attending a party, or going for a casual outing. They’re great for everyday use, and they don’t make your skin appear dry or irritated.

Which Nude Lipstick Is The Best?

There is a nude lipstick out there for everyone. Here, we will list our top picks for the best nude lipsticks in the market based on reviews from makeup artists, bloggers, and other makeup lovers. These nude lipsticks are high-quality and come in a wide range of colors, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right shade for your skin tone.

The shades of each product are also well-researched so you can be sure that the color is suitable for your skin type.

1- Tarte Lip Paint in The Muse Lipstick, $34.95

If you love Tarte’s Lip Paint range of products, you can get a similar quality from their Muse Lipstick. It’s a matte nude lipstick, with a semi-matte finish that gives it a subtle shimmer. The color is a mix of shimmer and matte, so it looks like a beautiful combination of the two, with the shimmer coming out most when you move. The Muse Lipstick also comes in two shades: ‘Muse’ and ‘Muse Pink’.

2 – MAC Lipstick in Sable, $19.50

Sable from MAC is a soft matte shade that’s very good for beginners, and is one of the safest lipsticks to buy. Its smooth, creamy formula has a lightweight texture. The shade is a medium-dark pink that is warm, and it looks great on every skin tone. It has a slight sheen, and it’s suitable for both day-to-day use and for going out.

3 – Bobbi Brown Lipstick in ‘Razor,’ $24

Bobbi Brown’s ‘Razor’ Lipstick is a matte, semi-matte, or demi-matte shade that is great for those who are looking for a semi-matte lipstick that isn’t too bright or bright. The shade can range from a deep, rich, beige to a light beige. It has a high-quality formula that won’t streak or bleed. It’s a creamy formula with a creamy consistency that won’t dry out your lips. It comes in one shade: ‘Razor’.

4 – Bare Escentials Lipstick in ‘Eyes Wide Shut,’ $19.50

If you’re looking for a matte lip that’s light, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ from Bare Escentials is one of the best nude lipsticks for pale complexions. It’s a semi-matte, but not super matte, and it’s a pretty bright, deep, neutral color. It’s a light pink shade, and it’s great for those with fair skin, because it’s light enough to work with a variety of complexions.

5 – Nars Lipstick in ‘The Muse,’ $25

Nars’ ‘The Muse’ Lipstick is a matte lipstick with a light sheen. It’s a medium-dark, medium-pink, matte shade that looks amazing on all skin tones. The formula is silky, and it’s a great lip product that won’t dry out your lips. It comes in one shade: ‘The Muse’.

Which is the best nude lipstick for your skin?

The top-rated nude lipsticks for light skin are Bobbi Brown’s ‘Razor’ Lipstick, Nars’ ‘The Muse,’ and MAC Lipstick in ‘Sable.’ These are the best nude lipsticks for pale complexions. If you want a matte lip, Bare Escentuals ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ is a good choice for all skin tones. If you prefer a more natural nude lip, then MAC’s ‘Sable’ is one of the best choices.

Skincare routine on a budget

This guide will help you develop a routine for healthy, glowing skin without breaking the bank!

Welcome to my new series, ‘skincare routines on a budget’. Today we are going to look at how to create a regular routine on the budget, using the same products time after time to get nice, radiant skin. To put it simply, it won’t be difficult and will keep you saving money as you stop buying expensive goods and constantly up selling.

Skin Essentials

This is going to make up a large part of your routine. Your skin needs a certain amount of vitamins and hydration to look its best and it needs regular nourishment to keep it in good shape. A simple vitamin enriched skincare product is the best to start with. It should be ideally purchased through the supermarket as opposed to on the high street. This is partly because the value has been set by the factory and the high street value is determined by a different set of factories, ie. They are very different in quality, and partly because of the cheaper packaging so they tend to be a little bit less hygienic in my opinion.


The routine starts with a cleansing product. When I get a cleanse, I use a mild cleanser. It’s either a baby cleanser or it’s a sponge. It’s quite expensive to buy these on the high street. I tend to choose baby products when it comes to cleansing and simply get refills. I’ve been quite successful with using sansevier (milk or coconut) to cleanse my face, it’s quite low in price, and has hardly any smell. If you prefer a cleanser with a foam to a solution, and you don’t have a face brush, I would recommend taking up your friends company to do some make-up shopping, as they often have quite bargain but sometimes you will come out with something you really like.


When you don’t follow cleansing, your next step is toner. Toners are not as expensive as they seem, however, they come in a variety of forms which can be a bit tricky to choose.

The 100% vegetable toner from asos is very cheap and a really good start. Not everyone will need a toner, but it will depend on your skin type. If you have oily skin, you don’t really need a toner and you may be better off buying a cleanser which does some work cleansing as well, but for everything else, using a toner works well. I also find that when toning is done well, your make up won’t seem patchy.


Now that we’ve got the basics of cleansing and toning done, we move onto serums. A serum is going to help repair and correct any skintiffic issues and also any problem skin areas. This could be dry spots, discolouration, blackheads and much more.

My favourite serum is this organic double nourishing serum from eden but sadly, this doesn’t work with some of my current beauty regime so I have to try to balance that out somehow. I also purchased the Radiance package from glow for the body, to which I have added: Serum Mist, Bio Oxygenator, Nu skin vitality drink and an exfoliation for the eyes.


The first step to getting lovely skin is moisturizing. Again, a lot of people think that they don’t need a moisturizer.

I’ve spoken about the myth of ‘SPF’ creams and that you’ll actually need to reapply. Even though they advertise in the salon that their SPF is up to 50, they only last about five or six hours. Apply once at the start of the day before using your moisturizer and wear sun protection to prevent damage.

I prefer to buy an organic body moisturiser because it lasts a long time and is organic and non sticky. I have been using this one from The Ordinary which I quite liked for some reason and maybe it’s because it seems to moisturise without irritating my sensitive skin. If this were to go on a visit to the high street, it will most likely be a lot more expensive.

Sun protection

As we age, our bodies change and it is important to protect our skin properly. We should look to our skin as our hair is the next layer, because if that is looking bad, it is only a matter of time before the layers beneath follow suit. We need to look out for skin damage, an area of dark spots on the skin that can spread easily. Sunscreen is our best weapon in preventing the ageing process.

This was the basic budget-friendly skincare routine I came up with and I hope it will help you too! Let me know if you are interested in reading more in this series!

How to know if you’re using the right concealer

Have you ever wondered if your concealer might not be the one you really need?

It may sound like an obvious fact, but not every concealer is designed for every kind of skin. Depending on what kind of skin you have—dry, oily, combination, acne-prone, sensitive or sensitive—you will need to choose the correct concealer or product for the kind of skin that you have.

Dry skin concealers

Since dry skin tends to be less porous, foundation can usually be used without fear of your concealer rubbing through. While this type of product is good for normal to dry skin, it is also great to cover up any issues you have like blemishes. Choose a product that has a smooth consistency that doesn’t gather much if any product on your skin’s surface, and you can blend in foundation. Any product will work fine for this type of skin, but if it’s very prone to creasing, the oil-based products are great. If you have an oily face, opt for a stick product, as this tends to last longer.

Oily skin concealers

These products are mostly not for dry skin, as foundation tends to not apply to the oily skin well. Typically, this type of product will have a consistency that melts into skin but will not clog pores. Be careful if you’re using this type of product in a warm or warm-humid environment, as it tends to melt a lot faster in warmer conditions.

Every skin type needs a right makeup style: In this article we will discuss the step by step guide to picking out the right concealer to suit your individual needs.

Blemish Concealer

Since blemishes are not covered under the term acne, this type of concealer tends to be used to cover acne scars and skin spots. If you have minor blemishes around your nose, these concealers will work really well. They can be used to also disguise your eye circles as well, making them look less prominent.

Touchable Concealer

Your confidence plays an important role in your makeup. An effective foundation application is the first step towards achieving this confidence, but even after this, if you use the right product to hide your blemishes and other imperfections, you will feel more confident that no one will see what you’re hiding.

The touchable concealers that we’re about to mention work great on their own or as base products to any regular concealer, but one type of concealer that you should avoid using, at least for the most part, is the concealer that has a thin layer of powder on top of it. Since it tends to be designed to look more like a light or powdery coverage foundation, this type of concealer can accentuate some of your imperfections more than you think.

The Perfect Skin Perfecting Concealer is a safe, flexible and washable formula that will cover most of your blemishes without leaving any flaking, drying or irritating residue. With this type of formula, you can use it all over the face and on your eyelids for a flawless finish every time. It’s made in a recyclable PET water bottle to protect the environment.

The ULTRA Glow Concealer is a unique formulation that consists of organic European Shea Butter and very finely milled wheat flour in a make-up gel formula that offers medium to full coverage and ultra-smooth, soft-focus under eye look. It’s ultra creamy, and just because it has a small cap and wide bore hole, there’s no need to shake before applying!

For some people, concealer is the most effective tool. Apply concealer with fingers or makeup brushes to blemishes, areas you’re trying to conceal or conceal under eyes.

1. Buy a foundation

Established foundations are relatively affordable in Australia, but starting from an affordable level is where they often cost as much as the best foundations.

Therefore, in order to keep up with the competition in the market, go straight to the market and buy a foundation from one of the affordable level up to “richer”, and even more for the rich-to-top-range range.

2. Choose the right foundation

Choosing the right foundation depends on your skin type. Choose a foundation that matches the most appropriate under-skin coverage, any darker foundation will end up looking heavier.

3. Foundation work: What to apply

Apply all over the face until you see any areas where your skin looks darker than others. When applying, go for the bright areas first. Using fingers or a sponge, blend everything out. For other areas, you may use a brush or patting.

4. Under-eye concealer

For under eye concealer, using the skin which is right above the rim of your eye, only half an inch over the crease, or until the skin that becomes slightly yellow.

The end result of applying concealer to this area is to erase any dark circles that appear right above the rim of your eyes, without blackening up the rest of your face with too much product.

5. Buff away

When applied lightly, concealer can work as a slim-slim buffer. You can first put concealer in the centre of your face (around your nose, where skin is normal in colour), and then move the edges to frame the other areas of your face. Buff a thin layer of concealer and pat. To add in more length to your foundation, blot it with a tissue for a few seconds.

6. Set and blend

After applying, set your foundation with a foundation brush. To achieve a well-blended result, work on three areas: the center, the sides and the corners. You may also work your way to the edges and back to the center. Blend in the outer, inner, top and bottom areas and ensure that the product is blended and sealed out. Buffing is required in order to evenly distribute the setting products.

7. Perfect under eye concealer

Apply a primer for the under eye area, one that has oil-free and alcohol-free ingredients. Allow the product to be absorbed. Start with an oil-free primer such as and This will allow you to base the concealer on. Then, set it using another concealer that has oil in it. Next, apply concealer only around the edges, and set with a powder product. Add coverage to any visible areas that need it. Brush away any fall-out and blend.

A great tip to follow is to check for your brows every now and then. You can use false ones, fake lashes, pencils, pencils or brush the brows (best with brow colour)

8. Blending

Blend your concealer with a damp makeup sponge. Concentrate on making a matte, even finish, being careful not to rub the product into the skin.

The Perfect Skin Perfecting Concealer has a wide bore and just a small dip in the middle for a comfortable application. Its rose color is soft and round, giving your makeup a natural feel. It’s water-resistant and can even be removed with a damp makeup sponge.

Sunbelievable Concealer in medium gives a natural and fresh appearance. It can be used on all skin types. This concealer can be applied easily, and it creates a subtle glow, while it can cover up dark under eye circles and marks as well as blemishes.

Like the Perfect Skin Perfecting Concealer, The P.S. Easy-Peasy Cover Stick in light gives a natural and fresh appearance. It can be used on all skin types. This concealer is recommended for women who have combination skin. This product makes your skin look fresh and balanced. It can also be removed with a damp makeup sponge. It has excellent flexibility and flexibility, making it very easy to blend in with just a finger or a brush. You can use this product alone or you can use it as the base layer of your foundation.

Botanist Concealer with Oil in medium is suitable for all skin types. It is great for oily and acne-prone skin. It provides a great dewy glow. It is easy to use, and it is easily blendable. This product creates a fresh and natural look.

I’m not saying you don’t need to use it, but it is best to use a little to conceal anything. You only need a few strokes or layers at most to hide any imperfections, and you will blend with no problem. Then apply top-lip products like A Kissable Lip Balm in Red Pearl which is my signature lip product, makes your lips look fuller and more sensual.

Thickness of concealer you use also matters. If the concealer is too light, it will melt off.

Concealer that thicken up to 2-3 uses on the face, look like it works better in the long term, like a bottle that can go for many uses.

Best to use around the eyes as well, so any time you need to highlight some parts of the face, you can use eyeshadow or eye liner.